3 Wise Ways to Use Twitter to your Advantage

Twitter is an amazing platform for people who are always looking for ways to stay up to date with current events.

Just log in, type some hashtags in or even browse your feed, and you have got yourself a lot of juicy news from all around the world.

However, no matter how helpful it can be, social media will always be a source of different things that are both good and bad. This is the reason why today, we will be giving you some wise tips on how you can use Twitter wisely to make sure you won’t be facing any personal or legal battles soon.

Think Before you Tweet

This may be an old adage, but it most probably is the best advice that anyone can give you regarding Twitter use. There are so many mobile applications today that can find even the oldest tweets on the internet, which makes ALL of your tweets exposed for the whole wide web to see (unless your Twitter account is set to private, of course).

Make sure to think before tweeting anything to make sure you won’t offend or hurt anyone, especially since today, even the most innocent tweet can be taken out of context.

Delete What you Do Not Need

You might have been more impulsive or careless a few years ago, which is why it is important to review all of your past tweets and delete what you do not need. Twitter offers every user to download their whole tweet history starting from day one. Download and review every single one of your tweet and delete the things that you would not want to resurface in the future.

Sure, it might take a lot of time and effort, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Anything you Say Can and Will be Held Against you

Like what we have said earlier, think before you tweet. This tip is especially important for high-profile individuals to follow, such as CEOs, actors, bloggers, marketing individuals from companies, and the likes. You are in the public eye, which means that people will notice your every move and try to decipher each one of your tweets.

3 ways to Use Twitter to Your Advantage

  • Think Before You Tweet
  • Delete what you do not need
  • Anything You Say CAN and WILL be Held Against You

It is always a wise idea to be on the safe side rather than take the risk, especially when it comes to Twitter. Tweet responsibly!

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