6 Simple BIG Mistakes Businesses Make Online



You are now ready to upscale your business to grow your client base and increase sales by providing your clients with a new way to access your business. You finally made the big step by going online. You now have a brand new, beautiful website! Yes, it is new and it's there 24/7 for you. Or is it?

We have seen many websites flourish online and also a few that failed. On the surface, you probably couldn't tell them apart.

After all the time, effort and money you put into your website and you are just not getting the results you expected. What happened?

We found 6 of the worst mistakes these businesses made:

1. Failing to Cater to Modern Users

We have stressed so many times the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. In a fast-paced mobile world, consider your website gone if the customers can't find you on their mobile phones. A study in 2016 shows that 30% of mobile phone users do not use their phone for calling or texting. They spend more time browsing the internet, using social media apps and messaging app to communicate. 65% of commuters are using their mobile phones while in transit. 8 out of 10 people research on their phone, then hit the call button to contact the supplier. If you do not have a clear means of communication and a responsive site, notch that one up for your competition!

A website opens opportunities for potential clients to find you, a mobile-friendly website makes it happen.

2. DIY Online Marketing

Social Media makes up a big chunk of online marketing.Businesses can register for free, create a business page to showcase their services and products, share information about their business to followers. Yes, it is easy to DIY (do-it-yourself) but there is more to Online Marketing than you think. Why are some successful with thousands of followers and you struggle to get 100? They understand the engine under the hood, the Analytics, Insights, targeting their ideal audience, SEO -- things that work by getting their business in front of the right customer at the right time.

DIYing can never guarantee a professional result and it will cost you more in the long run. Think of it this way, would you diagnose and operate on yourself from a how-to-guide? Or would you go to a specialist to get 100% accountable results?

Online marketing doesn't come cheap. Whether it is writing a post or an ad, what time of day, design your avatar, how much are your ads spend and building relationships with like-minded industries and people.

3. All Competition, No Clear Goals

If your goal is to be on social media because your competition is on social media, then it's not a goal. Simple.

4. Under and Over Budgeting

Set the right budget that provides returns. Don’t spend $$$ where you do not have to. Having an effective marketing campaign that converts is the aim. Talk to a professional Digital Marketer to achieve this.

5. Failure to Communicate

Social Media is Social. That is why you and your customer are there. To interact. Reply to messages, posts, emails and references. Tag people and use hashtags, respond to comments and share when it is worthwhile. Simply engage with your customers.

6. Websites Not Secure

There is a reason why you have site maintenance and site security. Just like inviting people into your home, it has to be a safe environment for them too. Imagine if your site was hacked, client details stolen, your site went down and no way to contact your customers?

Did you know that a 2-day course on Digital Marketing alone costs about $2000? Then you have to put into practice what you learn. Online time evolves very quickly and you no sooner learn one thing then the rules are changed and you have to learn something else. Hard to keep up. That is why you use a specialist.

The amazing result? Professional digital marketers who can provide fail-proof strategies to promote your business.


Below are the 6 BIG Mistakes you need to be aware of when doing Business Online:

  1. Failing to Cater to Modern Users
  2. DIY Online Marketing
  3. All Competition, No Clear Goals
  4. Under and Over Budgeting
  5. Failure to Communicate
  6. Websites Not Secure


Whether you are planning to have a social media campaign or unsure how to use your website to full advantage, It's not too late. Talk to a Digital Specialist. Call now and be online tomorrow.

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