The Capacity to Learn is a Gift.  

The Ability to Learn is a Skill.  

The Willingness to Learn is a Choice.

-- Brian Herbert
We believe that Knowledge is Power.  We like to nuture our clients and equip them with the tools they need to survive the online world.  Read on and be enlightened.



Team HackaPeel win national award for innovative new app
Four entrepreneurs from the Peel region have swept up a number of awards in the 2018 GovHack open data innovation[...]
Geek My Pet
Going digital is not only for you, but for your pet too. Why should only you have all the fun[...]
3 Wise Ways to Use Twitter to your Advantage
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4 Tips for Managing your Online Business Reputation
These days, everyone seems to be online. Almost every single person in the whole world, especially the Millennials have a[...]
BabaYaga: A Unique Kind of Malware
BabaYaga is the name of a mythical Slavic supernatural being that looks like a ferocious woman. She can either help[...]
Keep Your Phone Data Safe and Secure
Technology has undoubtedly paved a way for nations to reach out to each other. We would like to believe that[...]
3 Mistakes That Can Be Avoided to Keep Your Website Visitors Scrolling
Today, almost every single business in the world has a website to showcase their products and services, who they are[...]
Newsflash: Your Website is Vulnerable
NEWSFLASHUnless you have been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have received many notices from software companies updating[...]
Why Every Tradies in WA need a Digital Toolbox
What is a Digital Toolbox? Digital Toolbox is a term we’ve created here at TeckDM. Since we work mostly with[...]
You, Your Business and Social Media | A Workshop For Business Owners
31 May 2018 | Make Place, Mandurrah | 06:00PM-08:00PM Sorry you missed this workshop! If you are interested in booking[...]


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