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Myth-Busters: It’s not IF but When, Why and How Part 1

A two-part Myth Busting article on having a website for your business and How to make the most out of it. Part 1 – The Cha-Cha: Step forward, Oops, Step Back You step forward and back into having a website for your business. In this day and age, going digital is no longer a question […]

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I Gave My Child Permission to Access the Internet: Am I Doing the Right Thing?

HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG TO BE ONLINE?You watch what your children eat, you make sure they get good schooling, make nice friends, and are safe crossing the road. You wouldn’t let your children play with guns or jump out of a plane. But, most parents do not give a second thought about the dangers […]

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How Website Maintenance Can Save You Money

WHY INVEST IN WEBSITE MAINTENANCE?The world is changing so abruptly than we are unable to cope sometimes. The business and technology world has gone into a silent agreement that if they work together, they will achieve more. People around the world have met the Internet and are continuously being amazed as to how it had […]

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SEO in a Nutshell: What Content Marketing Can Do

WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING?Content marketing is significant in online brand awareness. Contents written as blogs, online news, online guides and downloadable e-books help in building online reputation and drive traffic on websites.There is one rule to become successful in content marketing and that is, all contents must be original and not plagiarised. The oxford definition […]

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How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Connection Request

LINKEDIN REQUESTS – FRIEND OR FOE?Don’t you just hate getting all those LinkedIn requests from people you don’t know, don’t know their friends or their friends of friends? But this seems to be the way to connect these days. FACT:Try to search for a name in Google and those that have the Linkedin profile will […]

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