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3 Mistakes That Can Be Avoided to Keep Your Website Visitors Scrolling

Today, almost every single business in the world has a website to showcase their products and services, who they are and how they started. It’s a great way to market and advertise your business and to reach your target audience.Your website widely represents your business, which means that you definitely should care about how it […]

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Site Cleaning: Does your Website look like your Desk – Cluttered & Messy?

TIME TO CLEAN UP!Articles and Images in random locations, Services you don’t provide anymore, staff that have moved on, maybe you have changed your location? Believe it or not, websites can be like a messy house and need a spring clean from time to time. You declutter your house and your office, why not declutter […]

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How Website Maintenance Can Save You Money

WHY INVEST IN WEBSITE MAINTENANCE?The world is changing so abruptly than we are unable to cope sometimes. The business and technology world has gone into a silent agreement that if they work together, they will achieve more. People around the world have met the Internet and are continuously being amazed as to how it had […]

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