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"There is no power for change
greater than a community

discovering what it cares about."

- Margaret J. Wheatley

Groups We Work With

Community Partners

We believe in working with our community and for our community, as together we can achieve much more than one person alone.

Support can come in many shapes and forms, from baking a cake for your neighbour, giving someone a lift to the shops, lending tools or sharing your knowledge with those around you. We take it a step further to help those when our paths cross. Below are some of the organisations we partner with.


Don't Go Astray - Helping Animals In Need

2019-2022 Website Sponsorship

This project is very close to our hearts as we are all animal lovers in a big way. Our Teck Pet numbers range from 2 and 3 cats to 22 cats & 3 dogs.

DGA support animals that need rehoming, fostering and more. We saw this as a rewarding cause to promote.

Teck Design & Marketing are supporting Don’t Go Astray, with a full website build that will be able to accept online donations from supporters, ecommerce store to raise funds, marketing to raise awareness of the program and support for foster carers. This will then allow DGA to further their reach and help even more animals that need care and medical attention.

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Team HackaPeel win national award

Being part of a team that rose out of nowhere and took National Awards on a spur of the moment circumstance, has only whet the appetite for GovHack even more. We are now avid mentors and participants. GovHack is an open data hackathon, which brings together developers, artists and entrepreneurs to share ideas and create innovative ways to utilise open government data for a range of challenges.


BeConnected - Every Australian Online

Supporting Seniors to Thrive in a Digital World

We are excited about this project as we believe everyone should have a solid understanding of the Internet. How to use it, what benefits there are, to stay connected to family, for business, banking or even shopping online. Being SAFE online and to watch out for Scams is also a high priority which we teach.

With Be Connected we will be providing free of charge classes to Seniors in our local community.

We also are opening up this training to anyone who wants to learn how to increase their skills with their computer or tablet, in class or at home.

Know someone who should attend?
Read more on our classes here...

Peel Bright Minds

Inspiring Curious Minds

Combining science and creative thinking, with today's leaders and tomorrow's innovators.

Peel Bright Minds works with the community and partner organisations to communicate, coordinate and promote regional activities and events that:

  • Promote ESTEAM and connect the community, especially young people, to activities and opportunities in the region, including citizen science opportunities.
  • Encourage an aspirant culture among people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities in the Peel, celebrating our unique regional strengths through STEM and the arts.

We also work to facilitate collaboration among regional stakeholders, especially ESTEAM champions and researchers.

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Acknowledgement of Country
Our Company is Locally Based - Globally Focused with multi-national employees from around the world.
We acknowledge and pay respects to all Elders past and present, and to each individual native culture.
In our home country of Australia: We acknowledge the First Nations Peoples and celebrate their connections to Country, community, land, sea and sky.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
Together we make a personal commitment to our part in Closing the Gaps and Reconciliation wherever we are.
The Teck Design & Marketing Team

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