Cyber Safety Awareness Training for Parents: Protect Where They Connect

19 February 2018 | Make Place, Mandurrah | 07:00PM-08:30PM

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How Young is too young to be online?

You watch what your children eat, you make sure they get good schooling, make nice friends, and are safe crossing the road. You wouldn’t let your children play with guns or jump out of a plane. But, most parents do not give a second thought about the dangers of leaving their children alone each day on the internet. What does that mean when they sit in front of a screen with a magical door into a world that can be anything they want, imagine or they themselves can be the superhero?

The internet can be a wondrous place but is filled with hidden dangers that come out of anywhere.

The internet is having an increasing influence on the social development of children and how they interact with each other. Social media, smart phones and other technologies provide children with wonderful opportunities to learn, be creative and socialise. However just as with face to face interactions, sometimes bullying and harassment can occur online.

In this course we will talk about:

  • Why internet safety matters
  • Monitoring your child online
  • Protecting your child online
  • Teaching safe and responsible online behaviour
  • Learning about the internet yourself
  • Protect your child’s profile and account
  • Understand what’s visible
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Understanding the reach
  • Internet filtering
  • Look for warning signs online
  • Encourage your child to be open with you about being online
  • What to do when you suspect something is wrong

Being Online is more often than not a positive and fulfilling experience for children. Content can be posted instantaneously, but the downfall is that children can potentially post messages without thinking about future ramifications. Once it’s online, it’s there forever.

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