Myth-Busters: It’s not IF but When, Why and How Part 2

A two part Myth Busting articles of having a website for your business and how to use your newly constructed website to gain profit for your business.

Part 2: The Tap Dance: All excited? Are we on the right platform?

Congratulations on your new website! Yea, tap dance!! But, are we on the right platform to make the dance sound? Here are the common misconceptions that businesses have once their website is launched:

Myth #1

“Wooh! It’s up and it’s going viral! People are coming to my website instantly!”

As much as we hate blowing bubbles here, chances are, your website may still not be visible on search results at first. There is what we call search engine optimisation techniques, making sure your website will rank high in search engines.

To gain traffic you need to conceptualise an effective digital marketing strategy that will include contents, social media sharing and search keywords manipulation. To level up content marketing, you can add helpful articles, how to videos, or any content relevant to your business, share them on your Social Media fan pages. There are also what we call “Search Keywords”, these are the terms searchers type on Google to find your website.

Say, your business is about consulting, manipulate the Search Keywords by embedding them into your articles, example your Search Keywords are: “Best Business Consultant Mandurrah” or “Business Consultant Perth” create an article that would mention these Keywords so that when someone searches, Google identifies you through these phrases.

This will likely send clients and potential clients to your site.

Myth #2

“My website visitors will like the colors, videos and animations! I should have that!”

The whole concept of glossy and sparkly is outdated, like 20 years outdated. It is great that you are thinking of ways to engage more with your audience but always consider the trend. Today, it is best to keep websites minimalist and simple. Also put into consideration that heavy files slow down loading time of your website, ruining the user experience. Your website visitor will only wait 4 seconds loading time before they close the browser, if your site is heavy and cannot load easily then say bye bye to potential clients. Remember that search engines rely on your website activities to decide on which rank on their pages you deserve to sit. If you are not keeping your visitors browsing on your site, it will give these search engines the impression that you are not offering anything good on your site.Having a website is always the best way to go. Using your website to your advantage is where the issues lie.

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