3 Greatest Risks that Your Child Faces Online

Cyber Security Softwares offer good protection against threats online-- but the best and most important protection should start at home.

Think of it as travelling to another country-- would you let your child wander the streets alone? The internet can be a dangerous place for children especially young teens. The hazards can be frightening and may haunt them later in life when they can not take the situation back anymore.

Worst is that they may unknowingly expose the whole family to a tremendous danger. Cyber-predators tend to be very creative in luring children into their trap. Even a safe looking file can contain malware that could give them access to the parents’ bank account or other sensitive information.

These are 3 of the greatest risks that your kids face online:

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying happens every day and sometimes, kids cannot identify it until it happens to them. Social Media and online games are often where cyberbullying takes place. Mocking, degrading, exclusion (leaving your kids out by other kids so they feel sad), or worst creating a fake profile to humiliate them are just a few form of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is among the risks that are hardest to avoid. But with proper knowledge and guidance from an adult, kids get the protection and confidence to stand up for themselves.

2. Cyber predators 

Kids nowadays do everything just to “belong”. Likes, shares and number of friend requests matter to them. This is where these Cyber predators depend to take advantage and attack. They will let your child feel appreciated then they will ask them for whatever hideous things they can think of. These Cyber predators can also exploit not only children's innocence but also their imagination. "Let's play pretend" is a common and healthy part of online gaming and interaction, but predators can use it as a hook to pull children in.

3. Posts that Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life

Children can be children and you cannot blame them for their actions-- this is what we grew up to believe in. While fun during our days does not involve the internet, today’s children depend on their happiness with what is online. The Internet does not have a delete key. Anything your child puts online is nearly impossible to remove later.

As parents, we want the best for our children. This is where internet expert, Esther Anderson, found parents struggle. Since the internet is something today’s generation understand better, parents tend to just let their kids be. Esther is promoting her cyber awareness training series and the first leg is happening on 19 February 2018. (Click here to learn more). In an interview with The Western Australia, she said that the idea arose out of the widespread lack of awareness she saw among residents about the potential for danger on the internet, especially for children.

“I look around and see how little adults know,” she said. “The kids are more tech-savvy than the adults, but they’re still getting themselves into trouble. The parents don’t understand. Twenty years ago, it was parked your children in front of a television and come back when they’re 16, but unfortunately, it’s not the same thing with an iPad."


Below are the 3 Greatest Risks That Your Child Face Online:

  1. Cyber-Bullying
  2. Cyber Predators
  3. Post That Come Back to Haunt a Child Later in Life


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