Site Cleaning: Does your Website look like your Desk – Cluttered & Messy?



Articles and Images in random locations, Services you don't provide anymore, staff that have moved on, maybe you have changed your location? Believe it or not, websites can be like a messy house and need a spring clean from time to time. You declutter your house and your office, why not declutter your website? Removing content your audience does not need will help your valuable content stand out.

So, how do you declutter and what does it look like? Here are a few tips on how to tidy up your website without too much effort or cost.


1. Homepage

Are the items found in your Homepage the latest offerings? Do you need to delete items or at least move them so that they’re at a much lower level in your site? Do they promote the primary purpose of your site?

2. About Page

Is your About Page updated? Does it need revisions?

3. Navigation & Forms

Do the queries in the site’s main Navigation reveal the most significant sections of your site? Do you need to add or remove items? Would it be better to rename the titles and labels to make it easier to navigate?

If you have any Forms, are the questions necessary? Do they need editing?

4. Landing Pages

Landing pages need to include only the most significant information. Is your call to action clear? Sign up, Call Us, Complete the form.

5. Contact Information

Is your Contact Information correct? Have you changed phone numbers, emails or even location?


Spot-cleans are only good for several times, then you really need to take a good look at your site. Create a checklist of what is working and what isn’t. Here’s how:

1. Look at the scope of your website

Does it match your Business needs? Just like in the spot clean, check out all the pages and the content on the site. Then review your images. Are they outdated, not the latest showcased project?

2. Organise everything in a spreadsheet

Your best friend during your audit. Keep track of the tasks you need to do, easy to share with whoever is going to carry out the changes and keep it up to date. Use something like Excel, Google Sheet on GDrive or you may have your own audit software.

3. Create an inventory of your contents

Content inventories need to include as much information as possible such as: URL, Page title, Metadata, Formats, Word Count, Tags, Authors, Image alt text, date of publication, and page analytics (views, visitors) if you don't understand these, contact your web developer, they can help.

4. Decide on the criteria for your content audit

Select objective criteria to audit your content. Seek feedback on your site by asking staff or friends.these 3 questions: Is the subject clear, Easy to use, Easy to read?

5. Loading Speed and Mobile Friendly

When was the site built and can it keep up in today's mobile super-race? People will not wait around for your site to load.

6. Ask yourself “What’s next?”

After you have audited your site, decide on how you will address where your site is “weak”. Should you: Keep it as is? Compromise? Improve?

7. Apply the changes and, Voila! A better website!

Taking control of your site’s content is something that no one likes to do but the impact it can have on your business is immense. After all, it is the first thing your client will see.


  1. Remember to spot-clean your site from the Homepage to your Contact Information to make sure everything is updated.
  2. Run an In-Depth Cleaning to make sure that you keep your site loading fast, secure and mobile-friendly.  Organise your content and always keep them relevant and up to date.


Decluttering your site isn’t always something on the list of your priorities. It can be technical and time-consuming and unless you know what you are looking for, it is something you may want to leave to the experts. Teck Design & Marketing are experts in looking after your site. After all, if you are not a mechanic, you wouldn't tinker with your car, right? Why not contact them for a free website audit? Teck Design & Marketing also has maintenance plans in place to keep your site updated, fast and secure. We can look after your online Business so you can concentrate on looking after your customers.

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