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You may find answers to some of your questions here in FAQs.
Not sure what maintenance plan you are on or what it includes? See below.

You may want to upgrade your account for additional services.

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

Just like a car, a website works better with maintenance. Servicing a car will not stop a car from breaking down, but it will run better and minimise the chance of it happening.

Website maintenance will not stop your site from getting hacked, but minimise the opportunity for hackers to find a loophole, or an opportunity to get in.

Prevention is better than cure.

Please note that while we work together to keep your website strong and secure, we are not responsible for any hacker; unlawful cyber access; or malware attack, nor do we include the cleanup in your maintenance plan. 

We do recommend taking out Cyber Insurance to protect your site, business and personal profiles, and to have a Data Breach Policy in place.

Common Support FAQS

What is included in my website maintenance plan?

What is included in my 1hr content update?

What happens when my 1hr content update for the month has been exhausted but I still need updates done?

What happens if my 1hr content update for the month was not used?

We recently hired additional staff and we would like to provide them with a company email. Can I use my 1hr allocation for this?

What is the minimum billing time frame for tasks or maintenance?

What is your standard turnaround time for service?

I need to have an update done within 2 hours, can you help me?

How much are your maintenance plans?

I do not have a maintenance plan with TeckDM, how much do you charge for a one time content update?

Can I cancel my website maintenance plan? Do you charge a cancellation fee?

I need to review my maintenance plan, can you help me?

I want to update the Business hours  for the holiday season, can this be included in my plan?

Does website maintenance include SEO?

I want to add a new page to my website, is that included in my plan?

My website storage is now full. Is an upgrade included in my plan?

Can I upgrade/downgrade my website maintenance plan anytime?

I have multiple websites, can I put them all in one maintenance plan?

What about updating third party/integrated Apps such as Mailchimp, Paypal, etc?

Here's a quick tip to make the most of your block of hour allocations:

1. When sending Support requests through, please provide a clear instruction on what needs to be done.

2. Kindly name each image and where it is to be placed.

3. Number each request line so we can tick them off the list.


1. insert image kettle32 at heading of new blog post; Title ‘A day in the Life of’

2. Insert blog post titled "The way we were" on blog page under xxx category

3. I want this update published by (date)

At Teckdm, we provide you with 2 levels of support

Technical Support:

Includes communication emails, website updates, image resizing, Upload content for blog. Optimising images for better SEO performance.

Advanced Technical Support:

Includes website security monitoring, plugin updates, html coding, website performance updates; monthly and weekly website maintenance.

All of which comes out of your allocated support time each month.


Casual Rates

(Not on a Plan)

$125ph + GST
Technical Support

Block Hours
5 hrs x $550
10 hrs x $1100

*** minimum 1 hour blocks

Client Rates

(When you are on a Plan)

$95ph + GST
Technical Support

Block Hours
5 hrs x $400
10 hrs x $800

*** minimum 1 hour blocks

Malware Cleanup

From $500

Website Clean & Update
From $300

Site Image Compression
From $350
depending on the number of images

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