3 Mistakes That Can Be Avoided to Keep Your Website Visitors Scrolling

Today, almost every single business in the world has a website to showcase their products and services, who they are and how they started. It’s a great way to market and advertise your business and to reach your target audience.

Your website widely represents your business, which means that you definitely should care about how it looks. You should be able to attract the right type of audience and not scare them off.

Today, we will discuss some mistakes that you definitely need to avoid when putting up and designing your own website.

Fonts and Colors

Make sure that the font and color of your whole website will complement each other. Avoid using pastel colours and then matching it with a white font. You can mix and match and try to experiment with the colours and the font to know which one will look best together. You can also hire a designer to help you decide which and font to use.

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Sure, it’s easier to just grab royalty-free and stock photos online, but make sure that they are relevant to your website and your business. Many websites make the mistake of using any stock photo that they have just for the sake of putting a picture in there. Avoid doing this, as you will only confuse your audience, making them want to leave soon.

If you have the budget, then arrange a photo shoot and take relevant and appropriate photos for your website. If not, then go ahead and scour the internet for relevant royalty-free and stock photos. You can also subscribe to some of these websites to make sure you get the best ones.


A huge number of people use their phones to go online and visit websites for so many reasons but the major reason is, they need quick information. Now, this becomes a must that you make your website mobile-responsive, as the non-responsive ones can be 

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very difficult to navigate on a phone. Talk to your web developer and discuss making your website responsive to attract more audience.


Below are the 3 Mistakes to Avoid so Your Website Visitors will Keep Scrolling:

  1. Your Fonts and Colors should be visible and easy to read
  2. Make images more personal
  3. Your website should have a mobile version

Visit other websites for inspiration when starting to build your own. Make sure to hire the right people and team for your web development so everything will go right, TeckDM specialises in website designing and has a great in-house artist who does wonderful things, click here to check our services. Good luck!

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