Newsflash: Your Website is Vulnerable


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have received many notices from software companies updating their terms due to the GDPR.


Our Chief Developer reported to us this morning that:

"There has been a lot of updates with online compliance in online software, WordPress, plugins, and other 3rd party services with website implementing and adhering to the GDPR update. This may cause vulnerabilities within the websites that attackers can take advantage of. In fact, our Teck E-commerce sites were attacked and stopped, last Friday (1 June) since we have added security in place. It could have been another story if our site lacked security measures."


Hackers are taking advantage of the GDPR update and installing their own code used for hacking, ransomware, etc. where they can.

Client websites that are NOT under any kind of Maintenance Plan are most in danger of this. If your site is not covered by any maintenance plan, please contact us as it can be very expensive to rebuild after it has been hacked.

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